Why is React so popular !

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First of all React is a library not a framework, you may need to use more libraries with it to create a solution. React is very good at building user interfaces, which are everywhere, from simple buttons on a refrigerator to the dashboard on an airplane. We can use React to build user interfaces on any device that understand Javascript. We can use it of course on the Web, on mobile applications with React-Native and on desktop applications using Electron.

So without further ado here are a few reasons why React is so popular:

  1. React use reusable, composable, and stateful components:
    In React we use components to create our user interface. You can think of components as a class or a function with simple parametres, we call it with some inputs and they give us some output. As we said components are reusable so we can use reuse it anywhere we want in our project and even on others projects. We can also compose bigger components with other smaller ones.
    The output of a component is a description of a user interface which could be an HTML element or another component.
    In other word, components are the future of web development.
  2. The Ecosystem
    React nowadays can be considered more of an ecosystem because of its capabilities to support a wide selection of various architectures and applications, And with the success of externale libraries developers are creating new ones for React.
  3. React’s efficiency
    React create its own virtual DOM, this gives you enormous flexibility and amazing gains in performance because React calculates what changes need to be made in the DOM beforehand and updates the DOM tree accordingly. This way, React avoids costly DOM operations and makes updates in a very efficient manner.
  4. SEOfriendly
    Most JavaScript frameworks are not exactly search engine friendly, search engines generally have trouble reading JavaScript-heavy applications.
    React stands out from the crowd because you can run it on the server, and the virtual DOM will be rendered and returned to the browser as a regular web page. No need for PhantomJS and other tricks!
  5. Mobile Apps
    If you’re good at React you can easily start building mobile application using React Native which follows same design patterns, making the transition easier, the business code is basically the same the only changes are the ‘DOM’ elements but the good thing that React-Native give you a ready-to-use native IOS and Android components such as Views, TextInputs, Camera access, etc…
    Using only Javascript, you will be able to build the native equivalent to Java, Swift or Objective-C, thus supported both by Android and iOS.


It’s true that React has a lot of benefits, but it is by no means perfect. Because it is still relatively new, it’s continuously changing. Even you you can contribute on making React more capable and more powerful.


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